ACI Worldwide shares experiences in managing fraud

It’s no secret that retailers are declining transactions from honest customers in their attempts to block online fraud. Figures vary widely for the cost of “false positives” relative to fraud, with some reports suggesting the losses from false declines are several...

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Reliable reviews to the rescue

Retailers’ online reviews can be letting them down even when they are all positive, either because they are obviously fake, or for more subtle reasons. A survey of attitudes to online reviews among 2,000 UK consumers suggests firms can benefit more from reviews -...

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Dealing with customers who want to keep it virtual

Virtual Private Networks – used by consumers to protect their privacy – are losing sales for retailers and masking fraud. But there are ways round the problem. VPNs allow users to mask personal web browsing, app usage and messaging from an internet service provider....

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GDPR compliance: time for triage?

Businesses need to speed up their moves towards compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, the UK Data Protection Forum advised this week. The Forum’s chairman, Ashley Winton, a partner at law firm Paul Hastings, said: “With a year to go before the...

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Securing the Internet of Things

Flickering lightbulbs, scary Barbie dolls, infected computer networks and cities out of action. Could this be our brave new world of the Internet of Things to come? Devices and objects are being connected to the internet at an accelerating rate - to create smart and...

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WannaCryptor Ransomware still a threat, experts warn

The threat from the WannaCryptor ransomware is not yet over, IT security experts were warning throughout this week. The outbreak of the WannaCry version appeared to have died down as of Friday 19th May, after a UK based researcher accidentally discovered a...

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Risk at the Top

Results of a new survey of IT decision makers (ITDMs) should make for disturbing reading for CEOs in the light of the WannaCry ransomware attack. Although, as the top ranking execs provided much of the information themselves, maybe they know all about it. A headline...

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Smarter cameras do more with less, says Ganz

Ganz, the video surveillance provider, has moved into providing bespoke analytical solutions for the retail sector. Until last month Ganz was known as a CCTV manufacturer who sold to distributors, but the brand, which is the trademark for all electronic products of...

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