WannaCryptor Ransomware still a threat, experts warn

The threat from the WannaCryptor ransomware is not yet over, IT security experts were warning throughout this week. The outbreak of the WannaCry version appeared to have died down as of Friday 19th May, after a UK based researcher accidentally discovered a...

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Risk at the Top

Results of a new survey of IT decision makers (ITDMs) should make for disturbing reading for CEOs in the light of the WannaCry ransomware attack. Although, as the top ranking execs provided much of the information themselves, maybe they know all about it. A headline...

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Smarter cameras do more with less, says Ganz

Ganz, the video surveillance provider, has moved into providing bespoke analytical solutions for the retail sector. Until last month Ganz was known as a CCTV manufacturer who sold to distributors, but the brand, which is the trademark for all electronic products of...

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Bugging display devices and products

A new variant of EAS tag from Checkpoint Systems promises to solve a problem many retailers face. How does a retailer provide in-store iPads and tablets to help shoppers make orders, without the devices walking out the door with the customers? Use of these on-site...

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Fraudsters taking over facilities: CIFAS UK

The UK’s leading fraud prevention service, CIFAS, released its annual Fraudscape report this week detailing trends from over 325,000 fraud cases recorded in the UK in 2016. The data, from 387 organisations, including many major brands, is a comprehensive picture of...

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Candid discussions at Retail Risk – Stockholm.

Loss prevention professionals in Scandinavia showed their determination to combat crime and better serve customers by sharing key business intelligence at the Retail Risk conference in Stockholm on 11th May. The delegates, who came from the major retailers active in...

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Commercial director with cardinal qualities

Cardinal Security, a UK based award winning provider of innovative security solutions, this week announced the appointment of Graham Allison as its commercial director. Allison has been in the security industry for over 20 years and joins Cardinal Security from...

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In-house solution to CNP fraud

Visa Inc. reported last week that its cardholders made more than 1 billion transactions using chip cards in March 2017, triple the number in March 2016. As the hard to fake chip cards are dealt out, fraudsters are migrating to card not present (CNP) transactions, and...

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