Cutting cardholder disputes with Verifi’s Order Insight

For issuing banks and merchants, the cheer of the holiday shopping spree is always followed by a spike in cardholder disputes. Whether driven by confusing billing descriptors or friendly fraud, cardholders will flood an issuer’s call centre throughout January, costing...

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Cash paying customers check out faster with SMARTtill

APG Cash Drawer, a manufacturer of cash management solutions, on Thursday announced the release of TCP/IP connectivity for the SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution. “The new capability will enable retailers to accept cash at a dedicated cash check out location while...

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Protecting against domain name brand fraud

DomainTools, a leading monitor of DNS (domain name system) based fraud, is predicting which “look alike” names will trick shoppers this month as Cyber Monday approaches. The brands most likely to be spoofed correspond with the most popular online retailers, including...

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Closing the gap on unknown shrink

Operational shrink has been underestimated, says Colin Stewart, Director of Asset Protection at Abercrombie and Fitch with responsibility for fifteen Countries in Europe and the Middle East. “There is always that quoted global industry statistic that 5% of your risk...

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It’s artificial intelligence wot done it!

The fastest growing of Britain’s big four supermarkets, Morrisons, on Thursday reported another rise in quarterly sales, and Germany based machine learning company Blue Yonder is claiming some of the credit. Commenting on the way its software reduced overstocking and...

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Facial recognition for mobile payments with Apple iPhone X

Apple’s new iPhone X is arriving in stores around the world this Friday, November 3rd. The brand new feature of the Apple X is Face ID: The primary way to unlock the new phone is with a face scanner, which replaces the fingerprint scanner as a security mechanism. More...

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Beware of Black Friday discounts

Heavy discounting on Black Friday is not an effective way of making new customers. That's the advice from marketing analysts Optimove in the run-up to the holiday season. They point out that Next's CEO Lord Wolfson referred to the day as “pointless”, and that Next’s...

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Building the Future today: Dubai launches IoT strategy

After pioneering flying cars recently, Dubai this week unveiled an Internet of Things strategy aimed at turning the emirate into the world’s most advanced IoT ecosystem. Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched the strategy and a Data Wealth...

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“Attitudes shifting” towards outsourcing IT security

More companies worldwide are looking to outsource their IT security to third parties, although there is resistance to that option from many companies on security grounds. The 2017 Risk:Value report from NTT security, released this week, finds that 44% of a sample of...

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