How to fine tune the fraud filter

Merchants’ past investments in online and mobile fraud mitigation solutions and systems have often yielded disappointing results – but Universal Payments company, ACI Worldwide, offers advice on how fraud solutions can both reduce fraud and, crucially, drive up...

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Demonstrating the benefits of smart guarding

A reigning champion in the Retail Fraud Awards is hoping to extend a winning streak in the competition when this year’s winners and runners-up are announced at a Gala Dinner on 5th October at Leicester City Football Club in the UK. Cardinal Security (as a Group) has...

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Celebrating a quarter century of machine learning

Data analytics and machine learning never used to be topics for newspaper headlines, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. Some tech start-ups like to give the impression that Big Data was invented around the time they were launched, but in fact it’s been with us a...

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Protection against feigned slip ups and falls

A ground breaking new surveillance technology is set to revolutionise the ability of UK businesses to defend against fraudulent cases of slips, trips and falls - currently estimated to cost more than £800 million a year – according to Ocucon, the Video Surveillance as...

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Machine learning model “cuts employee fraud by 30%”.

In the latest US National Retail Security Survey, 30% of average inventory shrink is put down to employee theft and fraud. A further 21.3% of shrink is attributed to administrative and paperwork error, 5.4% to vendor fraud and 6.8% to unknown loss, all of which could...

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When to take a vacation from e-comm

Christmas shopping starts earlier every year, and online it ends earlier. E-comm salespeople might as well take their holiday from December 20th,  judging by last year, according to new research from ChannelGrabber, a leading provider of multi-channel e-comm software....

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Three lines of defence for the POS

Targeting Point of Sale (POS) devices is an increasingly popular tactic for hackers as they seek to exploit vulnerabilities. The Silicon Valley software analytic firm FICO has tracked a 21% increase in the number of ATMs and POS devices compromised during the first...

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Time to automate cyber security maintenance?

IT professionals working in the retail sector in the US and UK lack confidence in the security of their branch networks, a new survey has found. They report carrying out upgrades and patching vulnerabilities promptly but are worried about threats that remain, and face...

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