The ai Corporation, winners of the ‘Best Newcomer’ solution at the Retail Fraud Awards held in Leicester last month will be giving retailers insights into the advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning at the Retail Risk – Dubai conference on 22nd November.

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The Best Newcomer Award recognised “the most exciting new in-house developed solution to enter the retail risk and loss prevention arena, supplying any part of the risk and loss prevention industry”.

Matt Attwell, Risk and Client Services Director at ai said: “We are delighted that the Retail Risk Fraud Award judges have recognised the opportunity for our SmartRule™ solution to make a real difference in the loss prevention industry. SmartRule™ provides best-in class machine learning capability to achieve maximum fraud detection as well as optimal transaction acceptance levels”.

SmartRule has been breaking records in the industry and speed is really what sets it apart from other products on the market, says ai.

The company says the solution can build rule-sets in just 2 hours – a task that before now, took 2 days, and as well as being used by one of the world’s largest global businesses, it is now about to be deployed across the US and the Middle East.

It says fraud analysts no longer need to do any of the repetitive tasks and mundane tasks as SmartRule now does it for them, freeing up time to focus on the more complex tasks that require the human brain’s creativity.

“Artificial intelligence/machine learning (ai’s specialities) are becoming more accepted and understood in the market. We’re seeing a growth of confidence in our approach,” ai’s CEO Mark Goldspink said earlier this year.

With its acquisition of a payment gateway and launch of several new products in 2016 ai has been increasingly visible to retailers. But the company has been around since 1998, and its recent breakthroughs with machine learning stem from many years of research and the steady build-up of a global presence.

Matt Attwell emphasises that its approach to machine learning is based on a wealth of human experience as well as data.

“We have two unique insights,” he says, “we have a global footprint, as we are working with institutions worldwide, and we deal with every aspect of the payment chain.”

Currently ai services some 100 banks worldwide, and processes transactions for over three million merchants as well as scrutinising more than 20 billion transactions annually.