Delegates attending this year’s Retail Risk – New York conference will be able to compare performance in key areas of profit protection and loss prevention.

The new, live and interactive Retail Risk – Global Survey, supported by adidas, gives retailers attending the event important benchmarking data faster and more accurately than ever before.

The data could help advance various priorities risk managers may have – whether that’s bidding for capital expenditure, negotiating a pay rise… or searching for another job!

The Survey is EXCLUSIVE to Retail Risk – New York and free to all delegates…

Global sports brand adidas is supporting the Survey and has been instrumental in making it possible. The adidas Group’s Director of Global Profit Protection and Investigations, Corin Dennison, says the issues impacting each business are likely to be affecting their retail neighbours as well, and the focus should be on mutual commercial benefit…

“The question isn’t ‘why would I share this knowledge’,” he says, “but ‘why would I not share this knowledge’?”

Join your peers at Retail Risk – New York this September 14th to find out how you compare…

Registration is now open, FREE for retailers. Save the date in your diary and be sure to claim your FREE VIP delegate pass by clicking here…

Here’s how the new Retail Risk – Global Survey works

To help retailers meet fast moving challenges, the Retail Knowledge – Global Surveys are being conducted at Retail Risk conferences across the world. The results are published instantly at each event, with delegates receiving written analysis and commentary from leading industry experts, in digital format post event. Delegates attending Retail Risk – London, Singapore, Stockholm and Toronto have been among the first to put the knowledge gained from the Survey to work for them, with great results.

Delegates attending Retail Risk conferences around the world are asked to log on to a secure, third party website. This site allows each participant to vote and share information anonymously.

Live on stage, the main presenter, aided and abetted by a panel of experts, discusses important aspects of retail operations, such as shrink levels, what issues people are finding most challenging and what technology they are using to meet those challenges. They also discuss the amount of resources being committed to those technologies in the future.

The audience interact with the live debate via the website. They may be asked to state anonymously what their shrink levels are, or pick the 1st, 2nd and 3rd biggest causes of loss to them online and offline. They may provide feedback as to what technologies they are investing in over the coming 18 months and what technologies they see themselves as needing additional help with. The possibilities are endless.

The feedback is processed, instantly tabulated, plotted on graphs and presented live as it is received. So the information is bang up-to-date. And because it is provided anonymously, there are no issues over commercial sensitivity.

The results are subsequently put into a written report with analysis and commentary from the panel, to be delivered to attendees, who will also receive the Survey results from other Retail Risk conferences so that they can compare results with other international retail centres and anticipate how their own challenges will evolve. They will see how threats are changing geographically and will track those changes year on year.