It’s not just shoplifters that are on the hunt for the latest de-tagging device. Retailers also need quick and easy ways to detach an increasing variety of tags and safers.

A recent de-tagging innovation, the NT Multidetacher from Premier Security Products has proven so useful it is now used by Tesco’s at all its checkouts, and could earn an award for PSP at the Fraud Awards organised by Retail Knowledge in Leicester, UK on October 5th.

Howard Barrie, PSP’s sales director, explains the concept:

“Tesco’s have so many variations of protection for their merchandise they found they hardly had room for all the detachers at the checkout. They came to us asking for a design that would incorporate all the various detachers in one unit.

“They told us the area they had at the checkout and the detachers they needed, and the main man behind our designs, Paul Hulin, soon came up with a solution.”

The NT Multidetacher releases superlock strength tags, is compatible with Alpha products and has both styles of MW releasers, as well as a licenced version of the Red Tag detacher.

The robust anti drill slam lock make the product virtually indestructible, and the slam lock lid means the operator can close the detacher without needing a key, says PSP.

Paul Hulin, who is Director and Head of Design and Innovation at PSP, has been entered for this year’s Rising Star award at Leicester and for an award in the Hall of Fame category – for a person who has contributed above and beyond their duty to the cause of Profit Protection, Risk Management or Loss Prevention.

Other innovations Paul has designed in the past include the double locking Easicap bottle protector and a flame resistant bottle tag supplied to ASDA to replace one that thieves were deactivating with cigarette lighters.

Currently PSP is working on protection for several product lines that are highly sought after by thieves – including batteries, razor blades, and beat headphones.

From its premises in leafy Buckinghamshire, PSP markets itself as the only UK EAS supplier that designs, manufactures and distributes security products to the UK and European market from their own manufacturing facilities in the UK and from their partner Century™ in China.

As an extension to its EAS portfolio, PSP also offers unique identification tags – UHF GEN2 RFID and HF NFC – through a strategic partnership with ARVA Solutions., which “when deployed with mobile and fixed reading infrastructure UID provids valuable insight into merchandise, customer, operational, health & safety performance and compliance”, the company says.