Evolution Retail has been appointed the European Agent for the innovative STPLUS1 Tag, a new product to the loss prevention market which aims to reduce theft by more than 20% when compared with other Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions.

The STPLUS1 Tag, created by English inventor Glen Garner, was launched at Evolution’s Retail Security Event held in London on 3rd October with Glen in attendance. The event gave Evolution an opportunity to showcase the new STPLUS1 Tag and demonstrate its benefits. Evolution Retail also shared its range of innovative security products with the retail audience, including “ultra-strong” Gripzo devices, and offered advice on how to reduce and prevent loss in retail outlets.

Evolution Retail says the STPLUS1 Tag has a locking mechanism that requires a bespoke releasing tool, which allows retailers to upgrade current products with minimal outlay and disruption, and it is available in both AM/RF versions, as well as having a RFID capability if required.

Philip McKelvey, Head of Evolution Retail says that the new technology is a welcome addition to their comprehensive portfolio and was very well received by the wide range of major high street retailers who attended the launch:

“It gives our clients, who are currently experiencing problems with unauthorised tag removal, the opportunity to be one step ahead of the shoplifter. The tag enables a fast inventory tracking and location of items for online orders and cannot be defeated by hook or magnet as found on the internet,” he explains.

“The lock down Gripzo products were also of particular interest to retailers who are experiencing continual alarms from wired systems.”

Vista CCTV was also present at the launch day showcasing its experience in the CCTV industry.