The cash management manufacturer APG Cashdrawer has announced the introduction of a new product that should make life more interesting for many retail sales staff, while maintaining their accountability for transactions.

From September, the company says, it is launching a new SMARTtill Intelligent Cash Drawer that will support TCP/IP connectivity, allowing both cloud based and mobile POS platforms to run multiple tablets or other handheld devices with a single SMARTtill Device.

With this connectivity, a sales associate at a small boutique will not have to be stuck at the checkout for the duration of a shift, APG promises, but can help customers complete transactions anywhere in the store with a tablet or smartphone.

Thus cashier accountability can be maintained and cash paying consumers will no longer have to stand in the queue to complete a transaction along with customers paying by credit, debit, and mobile wallets, says APG, as cash purchases are consolidated to a single SMARTtill at the point of decision.

SMARTtill Cash Management Solutions consist of Intelligent Cash Drawers that keep track of all bills and coins in the till. The information is delivered to managers thereby improving cash-handling efficiency and planning, reducing shrinkage caused by error and theft, and even connecting to CCTV systems to help resolve discrepancies such as customers’ complaints of being short-changed.

APG promotes the SMARTtill solution as an enhancement that can be utilised in convenience stores, small boutiques, fast food, quick service restaurants and petrol stations.

By communicating with POS stations and printers, the SMARTtillTechnology makes it possible not only for sales associates to move around the store helping customers, but also to reduce the number of cash drawers at each location, says APG, as multiple associates carrying tablets or smartphones can connect to a single drawer.

The company says one of the solution’s greatest benefits is the data it generates, which helps managers schedule cash lifts and top-ups more efficiently, quickly resolve discrepancies, and identify problems or training opportunities with specific employees.

When several staff use a single Intelligent Cash Drawer, the technology keeps records matching an employee to each transaction, providing a security component by making it possible to tie a specific employee to any cash shrinkage-related issues, the manufacturer says.