When a product goes missing from a Movado Group store, security officers want to investigate the incident quickly.

Movado designs and manufactures luxury brand and more accessible fashion watches ranging in price from $75 up to $10,000, selling them at 48 retail locations across the US, as well as in South America, Europe and Asia.

Business Challenges

Until recently the company was using analog cameras for surveillance and an outdated video recording system, so that if a store manager didn’t find a missing watch until the end of the day, security staff might have to sit through eight hours of video.

Thanks to installation of a new system they can now do the job in minutes, searching by store, date, camera and incidents of motion near the case where the watch was stored.

The company’s previous video recording system was being phased out by the vendor so replacement units were no longer available. Movado vice president of loss prevention, Bob Alexander was interested in upgrading to new IP cameras and a more user-friendly video recording solution.

Under the guidance of Tyco’s National Account Manager and Applications team, he brought in two new vendor solutions to test in the company’s beta lab and at one of their local retail stores.

3VR Solution

After two months of testing, Alexander selected 3VR’s VisionPoint VMS and HVR recording appliances based on ease of use, functionality and customer support from 3VR engineering staff and Tyco Applications.

Alexander says he was tempted to do a gradual changeover to the new 3VR system at the Group’s 50 locations, but he didn’t want to rely on two different systems for any length of time. He decided to complete the transition for all locations in less than one month, which required strong coordination between the 3VR sales and support team and Tyco who completed the installs.


Movado can now use 3VR’s unique forensic search capability to find video evidence of theft faster and more efficiently. Loss prevention officers can easily drag-and-drop to change camera views, making the process extremely user-friendly.

Not only can they quickly identify evidence, they can also dial into a store at night and view live video of what is happening. Clips can be sent to the police as evidence, and 3VR’s open architecture integrates with POS systems to add context to video evidence for comparing transaction data with camera views over the cash register.

More effective operational audits

3VR’s unique search capabilities have greatly accelerated the time it was taking Movado’s LP officers to complete their monthly operational audits for each store, which provide data on opening times, people counts, cash register set up, number of sales managers on the floor and other security information.

Instead of reviewing endless of hours of video, officers can simply search for motion and only review the video when people were present on the floor. 3VR has also made it easier to save still pictures of a violation for reporting.

As a result of the coordinated Tyco rollout of the 3VR implementation, the team has increased the completion rate for operational audits by approximately 25%, delivering great value to store managers who can now target specific areas of improvement.

Minimal impact to corporate bandwidth

Movado’s IT team were concerned that the new surveillance system might lock up bandwidth needed for point-of-sale (POS) data and other information. 3VR’s solution allows evidence to be found without having to download large amounts of video. Movado’s team say they have been pleased with the reduced impact that 3VR’s VisionPoint VMS has had on corporate bandwidth.

Expansion of IP platform

Based on the initial success of the 3VR rollout, Alexander was then able to accelerate the company’s upgrade to IP cameras. Working with the Tyco National Accounts team, Movado conducted a trial of the Arecont Vision 360-degree camera at the company’s central valley retail location and was pleased with the unobstructed views it provided of the selling floor, so Tyco installed Arecont Vision multi-sensor SurroundVideo OMNI IP units in each of Movado’s retail sites nationwide.

Great partnership

“Having a close relationship with our Tyco National Account Manager and our 3VR technician has been a huge factor for our success,” says Alexander. He looks at both companies as partners to Movado—not just suppliers or vendors—and appreciates their willingness to listen and understand what was most important to Movado in a security system.

Future Plans

One of the key reasons Movado selected 3VR was for the ability to leverage this same security platform for additional analytics and customer insights, instead of having to purchase two separate systems. Alexander is interested in both security analytics such as facial surveillance that might help his team identify repeat offenders or organized retail crime events, as well as business analytics that could provide strategic insights for in-store decisions. 3VR analytics such as queue line management, people counting, dwell patterns, and heat maps can help retailers improve the customer experience, manage staffing levels, increase conversion rates and analyze store performance across locations.