ai’s new Research Council focuses on finding the good (and the bad) guys.

The ai Corporation based in Surrey, UK, announced the birth of its new Research Council (RC) on Wednesday. A partnership with Southampton and Leuven Universities, the RC will focus on payment solutions, automating not just fraud prevention but a whole range of other business decisions.

Tom Myles, Chair of the Research Council and CTO at ai says “One of the key focus points will be the adoption of true machine deep learning. This is the movement away from supervised to an unsupervised self-learning system with the purpose of fully automating fraud prevention activities for all payment types.”

ai’s experience shows fraud prevention platforms are capable of much more than just detecting fraud, he says.

“One of the richest sources of information in any organization is the fraud database – it has to be to get the best results,” Myles says. “If fraud data bases are so good at finding the bad guys, turning this data refinery around to look for positive things should be simple.”

ai says the RC’s aim is to “develop the solution road map for ai and create solutions that can be adapted to automate not just fraud, but other areas of the business such as; credit scoring, credit monitoring, gateway switching and interchange optimization, sales and marketing effectiveness”.

Ultimately, ai envisages the fraud platform as a reusable technology asset with a wider application as an end to end business decision engine.

Founded in 1998, The ai Corporation is one of the world’s leading companies in fraud, risk management and pioneering business intelligence from payments data.