Jard Inventory & Loss Prevention Solutions confirm their continued support of this “imperative” two-day event…

Make sure to save the date in your diary now for Retail Risk – Dubai, 21st – 22nd November 2017, which returns to the Gulf as a two-day event.

The conference, which is FREE to all Gulf retailers, hotel and leisure industry executives, academics and law enforcement personnel, brings together experts from around the globe. They share their knowledge, and provide insight into what threats are emerging around the world and how to prepare to deal with them, as well as offering free training to delegates, providing them with valuable information and skills to use in their businesses the very next day. The event also offers 14 CPD points…

Jard Inventory & Loss Prevention Solutions have also today confirmed their headline sponsorship of Retail Risk – Dubai for the second consecutive year. Dave Erasmus, senior partner at Jard said:

“The Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA), is perceived to be a highly volatile region in which to conduct business. Although there is some merit to these perceptions about the region as a whole, the same is not true about the Gulf Cooperation Council States which are inherently much safer than many other regions in the world. It is for this reason that millions of expatriates from across the globe have made countries like the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman their home. It is for these same reasons that many multi-national corporations are establishing their regional headquarters the GCC.

“When compared globally, the GCC countries have an above average disposable income, amongst the lowest crime rates and the fastest growing retail, logistics and tourism sectors. These countries have advanced technological infrastructures with the highest number of smartphones in the world and are led by truly visionary leaders, that are focusing on diversifying the economy and investing significant funds & resources in developing sustainable smart cities.

“These same factors will also attract the attention of criminals. Cybercrime and terrorism are growing international threats, and this region will not be immune from these. The reality is that the surrounding region remains volatile (as is the case in many other regions) and civil unrest or other global events could cause disruptions to supply chains that are increasingly interconnected.

“The region, therefore, needs to continually guard against becoming complacent about the many threats that it is exposed to.”

The annual Retail Risk – Dubai conference provides a platform for Risk, Profit Protection and Audit managers and practitioners to meet and share industry best practices in mitigating the increasing myriad of threats that the industry is faced with in a controlled, confidential environment and whilst respecting commercial sensitivities.

Jard Inventory and Loss Prevention Solutions provides a broad range of services and solutions that are designed to mitigate risks across the supply chain. ‘We fundamentally believe that the risks that the industry faces require a collaborative and inclusive approach. As such, platforms like Retail Risk – Dubai are an imperative not only for the industry, but for the entire Gulf region if we are to maintain this safe and secure environment in and amongst an increasingly turbulent world. It is for this reason that Jard is proud to announce that we will once again be a title sponsor of Retail Risk – Dubai for 2017’ says David Erasmus, Managing Director of Jard.

This year Retail Risk – Dubai will again be hosted at the Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf, Dubai. In addition to the array of international speakers, forums, workshops and networking opportunities, delegates can also enjoy a complimentary lunch, and complimentary refreshments served throughout the day.

To obtain your free VIP delegate pass, simply click on http://www.retailrisk.com/dubai-booking/ and claim your free VIP Pass.