The eCommerce systems integrator Tryzens has announced it will soon be launching a dedicated GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Guidance Hub for Retailers.

In the meantime Tryzens has published a white paper giving specific GDPR guidance for retailers and several checklists for action, including specific considerations for e-commerce providers.

As all retailers should know by now the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is the biggest change to online consent and controls for a generation. It is already passed into law and will be enforceable from 25th May 2018.

Tryzens is partnering with specialist technology law firm White & Black in a series of executive briefings that it will bring to the Guidance Hub.

Andy Burton, CEO of Tryzens, has reminded retailers that if they have physical or online sales outlets operating in the EU, or promote or sell advertising or marketing to EU residents, they need to comply with the new Regulation.

Burton said: “With heavy fines that can be imposed via the ICO (Information Commissioners Office in the UK) of up to 4% of global group revenue, the risk of failure to comply by the time GDPR is enforced is far too significant to ignore.  It’s crucial that in retailers’ Boardrooms they start to look seriously at what data they capture, how consumer consent for its use is gained, and ensure the use is purely for what GDPR refers to as Lawful Processing.  Equally, the complexity of the retail technology environment brings about a significant increase in the volume of potential Data Processors that the Retailer (as Data Controller) has to have appropriate back to back contracts, controls and security measures in place for.”

Tryzens’ white paper gives an at a glance guide to differences between the GDPR and the existing Data Protection Act in the UK, as well as clarifying terminology used by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office in its GDPR guidance, and filling in details for retailers.