Ganz, the video surveillance provider, has moved into providing bespoke analytical solutions for the retail sector.

Until last month Ganz was known as a CCTV manufacturer who sold to distributors, but the brand, which is the trademark for all electronic products of the Japan based conglomerate CBC group, is now marketing directly to retailers.

Its solutions are not just for surveillance but also have intelligent and analytical ability, for managing security, loss prevention, operations and marketing.

The systems were showcased at the Retail Business Technology Expo in London in May.

“Feedback was very positive and the RBTE was a great platform,” CBC Europe’s Dave Hilling told Retail Risk News.

The precision of Ganz cameras make this a cost effective solution, he said.

“Because you get more resolution out of one camera you don’t need so many cameras. The results for all types of solution are more powerful with our cameras.”

The ‘Ganz Smart Retail Solution’ integrates systems to protect stores and customers. For example, it can integrate access control and surveillance, to detect and alert control centres to identity fraud and ‘tailing’ (sneaking in behind someone else) at a secure entrance to a facility.

Besides deterring theft through public view monitoring, the surveillance systems can detect and raise an alert when specific objects such as display items go missing. There are also alerts for ‘sweethearting’, incorrect barcode input and ‘dummy transactions’ at cash registers.

The Smart Retail Solution also offers people counting, heat mapping and customer analysis.

The ‘Ganz Business Intelligence Suite’ dives deeper into data, offering a cloud-ready solution that uses video analytics to optimise operations through comprehensive reports and real-time event handling, the company says.