The UK’s new National Business Crime Centre (NBCC), is reaching out to all businesses to ask what challenges they are facing from crime, and how crime reduction initiatives and partnerships are working.

The NBCC has been set up to provide a police-led centre of excellence encouraging innovation and co-ordinating national activity police support for business. It is hosted by London’s Metropolitan Police and dedicated to business crime nationwide.

The Centre is asking UK businesses to respond to a very brief questionnaire. This can be obtained on request by e-mailing [email protected]

The questionnaire asks only eight questions, such as what crimes are currently a challenge or concern for your business, what are your anticipated challenges from crime over the next two to five years, what are your views of existing crime reduction initiatives and partnerships and what is the most important thing the national Centre could do to support your business.

The aim is to ensure all UK businesses have a role in steering the direction the Centre takes. It is anticipated that much of its work will involve standardising the interaction between police and businesses, sharing best practice and strengthening partnerships.

Temporary/Detective Chief Inspector Georgie Barnard of the NBCC said: “It is important that the new National Business Crime Centre meets the needs of both our wider business community and Police Forces nationally. By answering these questions, aimed at finding out what is important to YOU, you will be helping the NBCC team create a useful, fit for purpose, centre of excellence.”