A new platform designed to simplify and automate how card issuers communicate with their cardholders has been developed by ai Corporation in partnership with Kalija Global, a company with over 15 years’ experience developing call-centre solutions

SmartAlerts™ is a customer engagement platform designed to streamline B2B and B2C communication. This event-based solution is designed to alert businesses or consumers, using SMS, email or interactive-voice response (IVR) technology, about potentially harmful transactions. SmartAlerts™ reduces the need for manual interventions by sending outbound fraud alerts and obtaining an inbound response from cardholders.

This self-service solution has been designed to pass control of communication to businesses, by automating more of their existing manual processes via a simple self-service portal. Using drag-and-drop functionality, the user can very quickly create and manage the content for customer communications. The content of subsequent messages can be escalated in tone to encourage customer response.

James Guthrie, Managing Director, Kalija said, “Mobility is among one of the key issues facing business leaders when it comes to customer-facing functionality. Companies that can optimise and integrate customer engagement channels will have a distinct competitive advantage.”

Mark Goldspink, CEO, The ai Corporation, said, “Our partnership with Kalija is excellent news for our customers. By jointly developing the SmartAlerts™ platform, we can offer our customers a reduction in the costs of managing any fraud and, going forward, unprecedented full-cycle decision management, strengthening the link between smarter decisions and better business results.”