Reconciling the gaps should not be an afterthought, delegates will hear at Melbourne’s Retail Risk conference in February

The launch of a strategic corporate wide programme and actual implementation on the ground can be two different concerns altogether.

For large organisations, in particular, reconciling the gap between them remains a critical challenge.

At Walmart, overcoming that disconnect is a priority, particularly with respect to its store operations. A focus on asset protection and loss prevention programmes forms a part of this.

Brand L Elverston, Director, Asset Protection Strategic Initiatives at Walmart leads a team of subject matter experts, set up only last year, for the sole purpose of measuring the execution of key, strategic company programmes and providing those results to the retailer’s leadership team.

It is this work Elverston will be discussing at a session at Melbourne’s Retail Risk conference on February 9.

“There is a difference, be it recognised or not, in the development and presentation of a strategy and its eventual level and quality of execution,” he told Retail Risk News.

“I will highlight that challenge and provide meaningful interpretation and methods for others to consider.”

For example, Elverston explains, at Walmart his team travels into different regions unannounced to conduct detailed operational reviews.

“It provides visibility to gaps in process, strategy and technology in both asset protection/loss prevention and operational programmes in our stores.

“We then provide meaningful trending information and highlight programme successes and challenges designed to drive change at the home office level and integration into future programmes. ”

This is key, says Elverston.

“All organisations of size encounter challenges balancing strategic expectations with actual execution.  The difference is sharply focusing on those gaps and engineering programmes with that in mind – not as an afterthought.

“The old saying, ‘there’s never enough time to do it right, but there’s always enough time to do it over’ is very relevant.  One has to consider the ‘will or skill’ question along with prioritisation and consequences when studying execution gaps.”

Other speakers at Melbourne include Corin Dennison, Director Global Profit Protection and Investigations (Group Risk Legal & Compliance), at adidas Group and Christopher P Norris, Director at Wicklander-Zulawski Europe.

You can find out more about the conference or register here.