Experian has been selected as one of the leading players in the fraud detection and prevention space in Juniper Research’s Online Payment Fraud strategies report. “The Juniper report highlights the need for companies to have sophisticated, real-time fraud screening solutions that detect the latest fraud patterns and behaviors while providing a safer and more enjoyable experience for their customers,” said Steve Platt, global executive vice president, Fraud and Identity, Experian. “This is exactly what we’ve been doing at Experian with our recent introduction of CrossCore.”

Juniper Research, one of the leading global analyst firms in the mobile and digital technology sector, evaluated fraud management companies based on factors such as size, financial performance, global reach, product range, number of clients and strength of partnerships. It selected the top vendors based on significantly higher performance in data analytics capability, ability to monitor fraud across multiple channels (including mobile) and the use of global threat intelligence networks.

Juniper provides the most comprehensive and progressive analysis of the digital commerce market in its market-leading Commerce & Fintech research. The Online Payment Fraud strategies research report provides a global analysis of online fraud detection and prevention in the digital commerce sector, with a particular focus on online banking and card-not-present purchases. The report identified several fraud industry trends and recommendations for merchants, financial institutions and other firms accepting online payments. At the top of the list was the recommendation to invest in “top-of-the-range” fraud detection and prevention solutions.

“We are seeing a rapid increase in online fraud attacks from every corner of the world,” said Platt. “Companies need a new approach to managing their fraud protection landscape, one that gives them ultimate control over their entire risk exposure while allowing them to quickly implement new protections without writing new code or building new models.”