“Effective risk mitigation and chargeback remediation strategies remain elusive for many merchants. Fraud detection and prevention efforts are not able to adapt as quickly as technology developments and modern fraud tactics”.

Additionally, says global chargebacks expert and COO of Chargebacks911 Monica Eaton-Cardone, “Our current ‘Age of the Consumer” has allowed illegitimate cardholder behaviors to go unchecked while consumer preferences are driving the standardization of ecommerce”.

In an exclusive delegate workshop at Retail Risk – New York 2016 on 1st September, Monica will show merchants how their current management strategies are based on insufficient data, which is causing them to implement ineffective solutions that target the wrong problem. She’ll expose the challenges that make current efforts less effective and offer actionable advice for retaining revenue, reducing chargebacks, maintaining processing capabilities, and ensuring sustainable growth.

She’ll be covering:

  • The life cycle of a credit/debit charge (how does it flow through the system)
  • Best practices – for physical card present and also card absent as well – to reduce chargeback risks
  • Differences between American Express and Visa/MC in how they handle chargebacks
  • Friendly fraud versus criminal fraud –the differences / emerging trends.
  • The new ‘chip’ cards in the US; are they helping? First impressions of impact thus far

For further information or to register for your free VIP delegate pass, go to http://www.retailrisk.com/new-york-booking/. Retail Risk – New York is a free to attend event for all retailers, academics, risk professionals and law enforcement agencies.