Retail Risk – New York, organised by Retail Knowledge, has been created to give US retailers easy access to international expertise in the business of loss prevention.

The agenda draws on international expertise from around the world – reflecting the increasingly global nature of the ORC problem – as well as featuring some very serious US big hitters from Retail Risk and LP.

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What could these risk and loss prevention experts save your business in the next 12 months?

Microsoft Word - David Thompson - 2016 Conference BioIdentifying intent & and eliminating excuses
David Thompson – Director of Investigations, Research & Innovation, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates

One of the most important goals of an interview, other than obtaining the truth, is determining intent.  Whether the employee has failed an audit, violated a procedure or committed an act of dishonesty it is important that an interviewer strategizes their game plan.


6c07c2bf-b3f2-40e0-a083-e57266e4f4abDigital identity – what you need to know
Dr. Clare Sullivan – Professor of Law, the law Center, Georgetown University

Digital identity is a set of personal details that enables an individual to be recognised and to transact. A global authority on this emerging field of law, Professor Sullivan explores the significance of digital identity and its emerging status, for retailers.



The Year End Performance Review
(a view from both sides of the desk)
Christopher McDonald – Senior Vice President of Loss Prevention & Gary Moncur – Director of Loss Prevention, Compass Group NAD

In this outstanding, practical career and personal development presentation Chris and Gary – two of loss prevention’s leading experts on career development – will share their invaluable insights into both delivering and receiving an employee evaluation.






55ca81ed-e549-4b3a-84c4-60b8daad51b0The River Island RFID journey
Jon Wright – Head of Safety & Loss, River Island

Enabling ‘any product, anytime, anywhere’, Loss Prevention at River Island has championed RFID within the business to increase sales, improve stock accuracy and ultimately support the business Omni Channel goals. Jon shares the journey from trial to roll out, detailing the benefits and lessons learned.


3e2d7b9c-c048-4c13-8655-a3c54f4bf1a1Mobile POS – a guide for LP
Rand Fernandes – Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle (panelist)

A specialist on POS best practice, Rand will look the different types of fraud exposure unique to Mobile POS and how retailers can tackle them.


Skip Myers from MIcrocentres

How to use Agile Loss Prevention to build commitment and add value to your organization

Skip Myers – Director of Loss Prevention/Risk Strategy, Micro Center/Micro Electronics, Inc.

How do you build a dynamic, balanced, and proactive approach to reducing shrink that will keep pace with the changing world of Risk? Skip introduces Agile, a new management approach for LP.



b19b5f04-d853-45db-9a07-67267675dd29Chargeback Management: identifying and resolving today’s challenges
Monica Eaton-Cardone – COO, Chargebacks911

Effective risk mitigation and chargeback remediation strategies remain elusive for many merchants. Fraud detection and prevention efforts are not able to adapt as quickly as technology developments and modern fraud tactics.


Microsoft Word - David Thompson - 2016 Conference BioInterrogation strategies in everyday life
David Thompson – Director of Investigations, Research & Innovation, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates

In this interactive session, attendees will work on taking their interviewing skills and applying them to everyday workplace situations.



b19b5f04-d853-45db-9a07-67267675dd29Chargebacks911 Masterclass
Led by Monica Eaton-Cardone – COO, Chargebacks911

Are you ready for effective chargeback management and risk mitigation? Want to learn strategies and techniques no one else knows about? Here’s your chance to gain the competitive edge, improve your bottom line, and ensure sustainable growth—all with a guaranteed ROI!


Founder Paul Bessant said “In America, as elsewhere, retailers are working together to make sure that they stay ahead of the criminals, protecting their businesses and their customers. And this is essential as thousands of organised crime gangs around the world daily make attempts to defraud retailers and their customers out of millions of dollars.

No retailer can simply go it alone in fighting international crime. Our conference is designed to provide a unique platform for the exchange of ideas, to inspire LP executives and to help them beat the bad guys.”

The Retail Risk – New York conference takes place at the New York Marriott Downtown on 1st September 2016. The entire day is free to retailers, academics and law enforcement personnel including all presentations, workshops, refreshments and an excellent, hot lunch. Register now