Most of us probably think of New Zealand as a relatively quiet and peaceful place, with many more sheep than people.

Yet it also has more gangs per head than any other country in the world, and high crime rates in many of its cities, according to Sky TV.

The city of Manukau, a suburb of Auckland, has the highest crime rate in the country, and businesses there have formed their own non-profit organisation, Business Manukau, to patrol the streets regularly and combat shoplifters, violence and anti-social behaviour.

The organisation’s crime prevention managers work alone and are often on patrol throughout the night.

Due to the high-risk nature of their work and the number of people they encounter, Business Manukau’s lone workers are vulnerable to aggression, intimidation and threats. The organisation recognised that if a situation escalated and became dangerous, the workers out on patrol would need a quick and easy way to call for backup.

The management were looking for an app-based solution to protect workers’ lives and safety when they came across StaySafe, a lone worker app and monitoring hub. Business Manukau’s Crime Prevention Manager, Anton Welsh commented;

“Since launching StaySafe, our crime prevention managers feel much safer as they patrol the streets, knowing that backup is only a button click away. Any alert that is triggered goes through to an external 24/7 monitoring station so we know their safety is being looked after even when working late at night.

“Using StaySafe also helps us to comply with work safe requirements in New Zealand. As an organisation, we are legally required to protect our staff and monitor the location and safety of employees who work alone. StaySafe allows us to do so without requiring additional resources and very little business time, as the users and Hub were set up for us by StaySafe.”

StaySafe,which is UK based, says its product helps by providing:
• Quick, easy to access alerts
• External 24/7 monitoring
• Accurate GPS location tracking for accurate response
• Wristband button for check-ins and panic
• Compliance with Health and Safety legislation

“The StaySafe app had all the right features from check-ins and panic alerts to duress, discreet panic and location visibility. The additional Bluetooth button is particularly attractive as the user is able to wear it around their wrist and quickly signal for help without accessing their phone,” the company adds.