The GCC’s retail market of $285 billion needs an in-depth and holistic approach towards Loss Prevention says Mushtaque Rahamat, Head of Supply Chain, Basicxx Middle East.

What are the emerging threats to the GCC’s retail sector and how can the Gulf’s retailers continue to lead the world by defeating these threats? In a wide ranging Keynote presentation at the Retail Risk – Dubai conference this November, Mushtaque will review retail loss in the Gulf: what it comprises, how to tackle it and what the future will bring. 

”To reach a solution we must first lay bare the threads of the journey of merchandise, money, info, data, process and people…” says Mushtaque, who will explore the following topics with his audience:
What do we understand by retail loss?

  • What comes as internal and what we describe as external theft?
  • Should we take into account only known Loss or should we include unknown loss?
  • What about loss of cash?
  • What we do with supply chain loss?

Mapping of all variables of potential loss

  • Supply Chain mapping for the flow of goods/service, fund and information
  • Process failure
  • Insurance and loss hedging
  • Reverse logistics
  • Claim and refund
  • Data Loss

Can we have the end of retail loss?

  • What measure and steps are going to effective?
  • Why do we invest in human capital?
  • Types and traits of team

The future of Loss Prevention
 As we are moving more and more towards a connected world, new threats are emerging on the horizon. Retail must gear itself to brace and control these newest threats.

  • E-Commerce theft and fraud
  • Counterfeit and Grey market
  • Identity theft

Exclusive to Retail Risk – Dubai, November 22nd & 23rd 2016
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