To help retailers meet fast moving challenges, Retail Knowledge’s Surveys are speeding up to give instant results – at Retail Risk conferences across the world. Delegates at Retail Risk – Melbourne next month will be the first to experience the new live and interactive Global Risk Survey.

Since 2011 Retail Knowledge’s surveys of retailers primarily in the US, UK and Australia have become an indispensable tool for the industry to benchmark operations and find practical ways to beat fraudsters.

Now the survey is going global, real time and widening its remit to cover the risk arena.

The new Retail Risk – Global Risk Survey builds on the success of the national Retail Fraud* surveys to produce the most timely, accurate and relevant material ever available on all aspects of retail risk. Using latest technology, the survey canvasses information from attendees at Retail Risk conferences globally and publishes the results in real time at the event. The material is then compiled into a detailed report.

Live, anonymous and instant: here’s how the new Global Survey works.

Delegates attending all Retail Risk conferences around the world are asked to log on to a secure, third party website. This site allows each participant to vote and share information anonymously.

Live on stage, the main presenter, aided and abetted by a panel of experts, discusses important aspects of retail operations, such as shrink levels, what issues people are finding most challenging and what technology they are using to meet those challenges. They also discuss the amount of resources being committed to those technologies in the future.

The audience interact with the live debate via the website. They may be asked to state anonymously what their shrink levels are, or pick the 1st, 2nd and 3rd biggest causes of loss to them online and offline. They may provide feedback as to what technologies they are investing in over the coming 18 months and what technologies they see themselves as needing additional help with. The possibilities are endless.

The feedback is processed, instantly tabulated, plotted on graphs and presented live as it is received. So the information is bang up to date and because it is provided anonymously, there are no issues over commercial sensitivity. The results are subsequently put into a report with commentary from the panel, which can be delivered to attendees who request it, and to other retailers who did not attend. Copies can be printed or electronic.

With the new survey, retailers will immediately be able to make international comparisons. They will see how threats are changing geographically and will track those changes year on year.
The survey’s wider brief will also be crucially important as retailers face up to the growing challenge of protecting customers’ digital identities.

As the worldwide move to recognise digital IDs as intellectual property gathers pace, “retailers will have to fundamentally review their processes around customer information,” says Dr Clare Sullivan of the Georgetown University Law Centre, expert on this area of law and a speaker at Melbourne Retail Risk conference in February.

The retailers’ concept of “acceptable loss” to fraud could go out the window once courts start awarding damages for failure to protect digital IDs, says Mark Emmott, Director at Retail Knowledge. “In future when Yahoo or another firm loses millions of IDs, people won’t just be hoping they weren’t among those affected. They will be asking how much they can sue for,” he comments.

For more on this prospect and other Risk and Loss Prevention challenges, Retail Risk – Melbourne on 9th February 2017 offers retailers unparalleled access to international expertise. Visit to find out more and register for your delegate place (free to retailers) at one of the global conferences.

*About the Retail Fraud Survey
The popularity of the UK, US, Irish and Australian Retail Fraud Surveys with top retailers has been well established over the last 6 years. Each year the results of the Retail Fraud Surveys are eagerly anticipated, with wide Press coverage being given before, during and after publication.

What people have said about the Retail Fraud Survey:
“Absolutely invaluable” – Becky Dawson-Hand, Commercial Profit Protection Director, B&Q
“A well-used resource” – Mark Ricketts, UK Head of Profit Protection, Mothercare
“All retailers will benefit from the research carried out in this study” – Emma Howard, Debenhams