A rare opportunity to learn from experiences victims would rather not talk about – at Retail Risk – Leicester this week.

How would you survive and continue to thrive after a loss of customer data? In an exclusive presentation at Retail Risk – Leicester on 6th October, Tom Spier of IDT911 will be sharing an anonymised case study example of how a UK retailer identified, managed and moved on from a serious breach of personal information.

IDT911 have supported the resolution of over 3,000 data breach incidents for businesses.

Tom Spier is UK & European Director of Business Development at IDT911 and has over 12 years’ experience in the Insurance and Identity industry. He has worked for UK General Insurers before moving through several fraud specialist roles concentrating on insurance application fraud. He also spent time at a European Credit Bureau, working on projects delivering data solutions into insurance products before moving to IDT911. IDT911 have supported the resolution of over 3,000 data breach incidents for businesses.

There’s still time to register for Retail Risk –Leicester 2016

Join Tom at Retail Risk Leicester on 6th October. Retailers register here free to attend the conference http://www.retailrisk.com/speakers-leicester/

Other inspirational speakers joining Tom at Retail Risk – Leicester will be:

‘Intelligent thinking’ on retail and policing: Rob King, Head of Strategic Engagement at Kings Security.

The Loss Prevention Manager – The Evolution of The Species!: Phil Willsmer, Director of Risk Operations, The Co-operative Group.

Omni-channel Equals Omni-stress!: Hans Petter Hübert, Retail Director, Moods of Norway.

Thinking “Inside the jar” To Find a Workable Solution to Premium Brand Theft: Steve Teatum, Head of Loss Prevention, Clintons.

Security Technology and The BIG Opportunities for Retailers: Martin Gregg, Head of Loss Prevention, Peacocks Stores.

Loss Prevention Is A Journey: From Reactive To Proactive, And Ultimately… Predictive: Jon Wright, Head of Safety & Loss Prevention and Martin Speed, Safety and Loss Programs Manager, River Island.

How To Fully Deploy RFID In Your Stores… In Under 8 Hours!: Gary Tattersall, Head of Asset Protection & Risk Management, Jack Wills.

Responding to the challenge of fraud from the remote retail perspective: Mark Harrison-North, Head of Credit Risk, Shop Direct.