Retail Knowledge Terms & Conditions

  1. In these conditions the term “Sponsor” means the signatory of any Agreement with Retail Knowledge for the provision of services, products, space or sponsorship and includes all employees or agents of such and the term “Sponsor” means that described on the reverse hereof, or as attached. “Retail Knowledge” means Retail Knowledge (Media) Ltd, a limited company duly registered in England & Wales.
  2. In case of joint venture howsoever described the Sponsor is deemed to have obtained the consent of all the individual participants to all the conditions of this contract.
  3. If the Sponsor does not meet payment deadlines in accordance with an Agreement, Retail Knowledge reserves the right after due notice to the Sponsor or the agents as appropriate to cancel the booking. In this event, or if the Sponsor cancels the booking, any deposit will be forfeited. Additionally, if cancellation occurs for either reason after the prescribed date for payment of any balance due under the Agreement a sum in liquidated damages equivalent thereto will be payable by the Sponsor to Retail Knowledge in any event.
  4. Sponsors must provide the name of any other company represented by the Sponsor whose products are to be shown on or whose services are to be referred to.
  5. In this Agreement, time is of the essence with regards to payment.
  6. Payment deadlines refer to the date by which cleared funds should be received into Retail Knowledge’s bank account.
  7. Payment must be by internet transfer or BACS. Retail Knowledge does not accept cash or cheques.
  8. All prices exclude taxes which will be added to the invoice at the appropriate rate.
Events and Sponsorship
  1. Retail Knowledge shall have full power to determine in every respect the allocation of area and position of sponsorship and/or space and shall be entitled for any reason which in its sole opinion is in the general interests of the Event to vary the general layout or the situation and area of any particular sponsorship or space even if already allocated and the Sponsor shall accept a new allotment of space in substitution of that originally allotted.
  2. Upon the receipt by Retail Knowledge of the Contract/Application for Space/Sponsorship whether received by Retail Knowledge by facsimile or any other means, a contract shall arise between Retail Knowledge and the Sponsor in the terms of these conditions subject to variation as mentioned, and as regards space allotted the relationship of licensor and licensee shall immediately arise and continue between Retail Knowledge and the Sponsor. In case of non-payment of any sum due or any breach or non-observance of any of these conditions by the Sponsor, Retail Knowledge shall have the full right to revoke this licence and to re-enter upon the allotted sponsorship and may remove and exclude the Sponsor without prejudice, to recovering all monies payable hereunder, all other claims against the Sponsor and the right to recover damages sustained by Retail Knowledge.
  3. The Sponsor shall occupy the sponsorship space allotted to it by the time set down by Retail Knowledge. In the event of default due to any cause whatsoever the Sponsor shall pay to Retail Knowledge a further sum in liquidated damages equal to the total charge for the space and Retail Knowledge shall have the right to deal with the space in any way it thinks best. Retail Knowledge retains the right to move or alter the position of the Sponsor’ sponsorship or stand if in its opinion it is in the overall interests of the Event.
  4. In the event of any Sponsor committing an act of bankruptcy or, if a limited company, being wound up, the contract with it shall be determined void and all moneys already paid shall be retained by Retail Knowledge.
  5. The Sponsor may not assign, sublet or grant licences in respect of any part of the sponsorship or space allotted to it nor may advertisements of companies who are not bona-fide Sponsor’s show on its sponsorship or stand. Only those products, services and companies mentioned on the Application for Space may be shown at the event.
Breach of Contract or Withdrawal by the Sponsor
  1. Without prejudice to the rights and remedies of Retail Knowledge in respect of any breach of the Agreement on the part of the Sponsor, Retail Knowledge may at its sole discretion allow the Sponsor to withdraw from the Event subject to the following conditions: a) The Sponsor must give written notice to Retail Knowledge that he desires to withdraw and if Retail Knowledge shall allow such withdrawal it will notify the Sponsor of its decision in writing. b) Any such notification by Retail Knowledge to the Sponsor will constitute a cancellation of the contract subject to the payment by the Sponsor to Retail Knowledge of the following amounts:

    Cancellations made six months or more prior to the date of the event will be subject to a payment of 25% of the value of the contract.

    Cancellations made between six months and two months of the event will be subject to a payment of 50% of the value of the contract.

    Cancellations made within two months of the event will be subject to a payment of 100% of the value of the contract.

    c) Upon payment of such amount to Retail Knowledge by the Sponsor the Agreement shall be cancelled and neither party shall have any further claim against the other.

  2. The Sponsor will be totally responsible for the cost of restoring to its original condition any part of the venue, stand or structure occupied by the Sponsor, which has been altered or damaged in any way.
  3. Retail Knowledge shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to any property of the Sponsor or any other person caused by theft, fire defect in the Event hall, storm, tempest, lightning, national emergency, civil unrest, war, labour disputes, explosions, Acts of God and general cases of force majeure whether or not ejusdem generis with the foregoing or any cause not within Retail Knowledge’s control or for any loss or damage sustained in the event that the opening or holding of the Event is prevented, postponed or abandoned or if the venue becomes totally or partially unavailable for the holding of the Event due to any of the foregoing causes.
  4. The Sponsor shall indemnify and hold Retail Knowledge safe and harmless from all loss or damage to the basic shell scheme stand. The Sponsor is advised to take out insurance cover for the purpose of indemnifying Retail Knowledge as aforesaid and also to cover itself against all risks in respect of which Retail Knowledge is expressed not to be responsible in these conditions.
  5. In no event shall the Sponsor have any claim for damages of any kind against Retail Knowledge in respect of any loss or damage consequent upon the prevention or postponement or abandonment of the Event by reason of any of the events referred to in Condition 12 or otherwise or of the Venue becoming wholly or partially unavailable for the holding of the Event for reason beyond Retail Knowledge’s’ control or in the event that insufficient Sponsor contract to take space in the Event and Retail Knowledge shall be entitled to retain all sums paid by the Sponsor or such part thereof as Retail Knowledge shall consider necessary. If in the opinion of Retail Knowledge by re-arrangement or postponement of the period of the Event or substitution of another venue, or building or in any other reasonable manner, the Event can be carried out these Conditions shall be binding upon the parties except as to size and position as to which any modification or re-arrangement shall be determined by Retail Knowledge.
  6. The Sponsor shall hold Retail Knowledge safe and harmless from all loss or damage suffered by or arising out of any act or default of any servant, agent, employee or subcontractor of the Sponsor.
  7. The Sponsor shall not without the written consent of Retail Knowledge display, exhibit or bring into the venue any explosives or dangerous material or any such thing which cause noxious fumes or which make use of or display any other materials which may involve a danger to the health or safety of any person. The Sponsor shall indemnify Retail Knowledge against any loss or damage arising out of a breach of this clause.
  8. A Sponsor manual will be issued to the Sponsor containing detailed instructions for the organisation of the Event. The Exhibitor agrees to abide by all rules and regulations contained within the Sponsor manual.
  9. All display advertising exhibits and stand arrangements shall be appropriate to the subject matter of the Event in the sole opinion of Retail Knowledge and shall be tasteful and of a suitably high standard and shall not contravene or conflict with any local law, moral or custom and if in the opinion of Retail Knowledge the Sponsor is in breach of this clause Retail Knowledge may direct the Sponsor to rectify such breach and the Sponsor shall immediately act accordingly.
  10. In the event of a breach of any of these conditions herein Retail Knowledge may in all cases retain all monies paid by the Sponsor and recover further monies from the Sponsor as provided herein.
  11. Retail Knowledge may at any time prior to the event cancel the event without consequence from the Sponsor. All monies paid by the Sponsor will be returned in full.
Media Space
  1. Where the Sponsor has contracted with Retail Knowledge for the provision of space in printed or electronic media the Sponsor will be notified of the dates by which the material to be published in that space is required. The Sponsor will also be informed of the file formats such material must be supplied in and to where the material should be sent.
  2. The sponsor is responsible for the cost of producing such material and supplying it on time and in the appropriate format. Should the Sponsor fail to do this, Retail Knowledge may fill the space with other material of its choosing and at its sole discretion, but the Sponsor will still be liable to pay for the media space agreed to be supplied.
  3. Retail Knowledge reserves the right to refuse to publish any material supplied by the sponsor for any reason whatsoever, but in particular if such material is considered illegal, in bad taste or misleading. Material that is poorly produced may also be refused.
  4. Whilst every effort is made by Retail Knowledge to publish the Sponsor’s material as agreed, no liability will be accepted by Retail Knowledge, howsoever arising, for damage alleged to be incurred as a result of a delay or cancellation in publishing or any consequential loss to the Sponsor howsoever caused.
  5. Any disputes or claims shall be settled in England according to English law, and Retail Knowledge retains the right to pursue any claims in any competent court of law.

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